Elizabeth Cooney, Founder Fashion Conscious
 A member of the Ethical Writers Coalition

A member of the Ethical Writers Coalition

Welcome to Fashion Conscious! A blog dedicated to exploring the world of ethical fashion, and how we are really impacting the world in a social, environmental and economic way.

As a designer and art director in the fashion industry, I have watched the attitudes and practises of brands, manufacturers and consumers from a very unique position. My concern has grown exponentially over the last few years, which is what eventually pushed me to start this blog.

Over the last 100 years we have seen the fashion industry transform many times over and most recently boom in a capitalist model to become one of the world’s biggest earners. But I have to wonder, at what cost and are we prepared to fix it? This blog is a personal journey to find answers to these questions and understand more about such a complex balancing act between environmental health, economic prosperity and the integrity of human rights. This blog is not aimed at naming, shaming or judging the industry but rather, finding a place to tell the story and encourage the conversation of fashion responsibility. After all, fashion is a wonderful celebration of self expression and creativity but has been forgotten in an over consuming world.



I believe that style and substance aren't mutually exclusive, which is why Fashion Conscious has an aim to celebrate luxury, contemporary style from brands and individuals who keep ethical standards at the heart of their business. 


What is ethical fashion?

'Ethical fashion' is a term that can lead to a Pandora's box of answers. It can be interpreted in many ways but in short, I aim to talk about the negative impact the fashion industry is having on the world and feature brands who use sustainable methods, with sustainable materials without cruelty to humans or animals. This criteria comes in all shapes and sizes, so to get a better understanding, why not start with a couple of articles, such as What is ethical fashion?, Ethical fashion needs a rebrand, A letter to ManRepeller: Sustainable fashion CAN be fashionable and The joy of stuff and the psychology behind it to find out more. 


I hope you enjoy!
Elizabeth x