H&M asks you to 'Bring It' as they continue their recycling campaign

Always aiming to stay ahead of the curve, especially on the sustainability front, H&M have released a new film reinforcing their recycling campaign and targeting a youthful demographic by asking you to ‘Bring It’. Demonstrating that recycling clothes isn’t just about dropping your unloved wares off at a charity shop, it’s also about closing the loop on your much too loved garments by pulping them and remanufacturing the fibre.

As highlighted at a panel talk hosted by EcoSessions last summer, it is a common misconception that your old clothes aren’t in ‘good enough’ condition to recycle. Statistically only a third of the carbon impact of the clothes comes from the production process of a garment which means considering what happens to clothes in it’s afterlife is imperative but often overlooked.

What does H&M do with your old textiles? The clothes are sold to partner company I:CO who sort the textiles into 3 categories; recycle, reuse or rewear. The proceeds are then split between advancing research into recycling fibre and social projects that are focused on equality and the inclusion of marginalised groups.

H&M sees the future of its clothes as recycled, predicting that already, up to 20% of a garment is made from recycled fibre. In 2014, to coincide with their recycling initiative, H&M launched a Close The Loop collection made entirely from recycled fibres and hopes, in the long term to find “technological solutions needed to be able to fully reuse and recycle all textile fibre”.